Quantitative Investment Strategies Providing adaptive asset management with Downside Risk protection

Adaptive Risk Allocation Portfolio Management

We can help you determine how to manage your total portfolio utilizing our different quant models with an adaptive risk allocation overlay specific to your goals and risk tolerance.

Systematic Quant Models

Select from our systematic income or equity based quant models that are both strategic and tactical to target specific markets, asset classes, styles, and sectors.

About us

WhiteTip Capital, LLC is an independently registered investment advisory firm based just outside of Houston, Texas. It is the result of two separate quantitative asset managers merging to offer a diverse range of quantitative strategies. We are dedicated to dynamically managing global investment portfolios utilizing our systematic quantitative developed models.

From our first fixed income model developed in 1992, equity models in 1996, and ETF models in 2010 our goals have been to deliver consistent and steady returns while providing downside protection. Our objectives are to provide uncorrelated absolute returns to the equity and bond markets with a focus on capital preservation. Accounts are managed using systematic models to remove the human bias that can be harmful to investing.

We set out to develop investment strategies that understood risk from an investors point of view. They may not understand what volatility means but they definitely understand losses in their portfolio.

Our Strategies

What Makes Us Unique

It is really quite simple. The preservation of capital is the most important investment objective. The development of each quantitative model always  begins with the management of risk. If we can limit the losses, then we will spend more time accumulating gains instead of making up for losses. Only when the risk vs. reward ratio is in our favor, do we seek capital gains. Our philosophy is simple to achieve, but it required a new way of measuring risk vs. reward and how it should be applied to portfolio management. While the math behind our algorithms is complicated, the overall strategy is always simple.

Even though we believe that risk management is the biggest factor of long term performance, we also believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice performance to provide protection against downside losses.

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